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Shakti Mat is the original fabric acupressure mat from Sweden.

Shakti Mat acupressure mat simulates the Indian bed of nails. The tiny points on the discs are used to recreate the acupressure effect of the Indian Yogis' nail bed. When you lie on a mat or use it for Yoga you will experience the unique acupressure therapy as the tiny points stimulate your skin.

Shakti Mat for utter relaxtionThe Shakti Mat is light and portable so it can be used anywhere - in the home, by the pool, on a sunbed... you can sit with your mat behind your back, lie on it or use it for a yoga session. Try a 10-20 minute treatment using a light sheet over the points to start with and build up until you can lie with your naked skin at full pressure on the mat. Find out here how to use a Shakti Mat.

Tired and need to rest after sport or vigorous exercise? Trying to relax before exams? Let the tension drift away on a Shakti Mat.

Our site explains in detail how you can enjoy the Shakti Yoga experience for relaxation and meditation and help you combat ailments like insomnia, back pain, stress and inability to relax. Like to own a Shakti Mat? - Visit our store.

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