Shakti Weighted Wrap

Filled with natural clay beads 

Color: Chai
Shakti Black

The Weighted Wrap lets you double down on relaxation with blissful heat therapy. Natural clay beads sit within hand-stitched organic cotton pockets to provide tension-melting warmth and pressure. The overall shape lets you target tight curves for soothing relief.

  • Heat in the microwave and slide it into your Shakti Mat for a powerful heat + acupressure sensation.
  • Use on its own to relax a sore neck, tense shoulders, or an achy stomach.

A Shakti Mat’s best friend.

Handmade from 100% organic cotton jersey.
Filled with natural clay beads.

72 x 34 cm | 2.5 kg

To ensure your microwave is compatible, please read the heating instruction section on our FAQ's page.

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Natural clay beads
Enhanced with heat
Shakti Mat compatible
Organic cotton & dyes
Ethically handwoven
Crafted in India

What you need to know

The Shakti Weighted Wrap combines heat therapy and downward pressure on the body to:

Melt stress away from your neck and shoulders
Provide targeted heat therapy to tense muscles
Soothe a sore or cramping tummy
Help you relax, unwind and feel at ease
Transform the Shakti experience through the sensation of pressure and heat

Rest the Weighted Wrap over tense or achy areas and sink into your session faster with calming downward pressure.

Roll it into a bolster and place it under your Shakti Mat to decrease negative space and shape the spikes to your lower back or legs.

Heat the Wrap and slide it inside your Shakti Mat for alleviating warmth and deeper muscle relaxation.

Rest it on achy shoulders, an unhappy tum, or a tight lower back for immediate relief.

Warm and place on your belly while on the couch for soothing warm pressure.

Wrap it around your shoulders while standing at your desk for a calming weight that relieves shoulder tension.

Always follow these exact instructions while heating.

Fold into a square shaped bundle and place on a clean, dry microwave safe plate. Never place your Weighted Wrap directly inside your microwave as contact with residual dirt or oils can result in the fabric burning. 

Heat for 30 seconds. Remove from microwave and carefully test temperature on both the inside and outside of Weighted Wrap bundle. If desired temperature has not been reached then flip the wrap and heat for a further 30 seconds. This ensures even heating. Repeat until desired heat is reached but never exceed the maximum heat time in total. Do not overheat.
- Never heat for more than 30 seconds per cycle.
- Never exceed the maximum total heat time of 3 minutes (700-1000W) 4 minutes (0-700W).

Monitor constantly while heating.

Take care when removing from the microwave or oven and check it is at a comfortable temperature before use.

Reheat only from room temperature.

Do not allow children to heat the Weighted Wrap.

Never heat in the oven or on the stovetop.

For additional heating information, view the heating instructions sections on our FAQ page.

Gently hand wash your Weighted Wrap in soapy water or spot clean with a damp cloth and liquid laundry detergent. Air dry flat in the shade before storing in a cool, dry place.

To maintain the quality and effectiveness of your Wrap, we recommend you avoid machine washing, wring or tumble drying, ironing as well as harsh detergents.

If you’re still unsure, our customer service team would love to help you on your Shakti journey - contact us.

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